Collaborate As An Entity

Help us as an entity

At AIV, we aim to promote and develop vaccine research of the highest possible quality bringing attention to a cooperative, cross-cutting, and multidisciplinary nature. For their development, we open the possibility for your entity and its employees to be part of the whole process.

Any contribution, however small, is important to help improve the health of patients and society in general.

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What can you do if you are an entity?

We have created a proposal in which any entity can participate in our research, for example:

Proposing new studies and events

Financing one of our activities or hiring our services

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Collaborating on new publications

Participating as an external advisor

Contact us and we will tell you other ways you can collaborate with us

These entities already collaborate with us


You can help us in any of our projects by filling in the form, writing to us at, or call us at 900 102 963.

All help is needed, so thank you very much!