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The Vaccine Research Area has a research network made up of health professionals with extensive experience in vaccines and a powerful structure of health centres, hospitals, and primary care centres throughout Spain.

We defend the importance of doing research in a network, in order to join efforts, interests, and human resources to enhance the scientific efficiency and the welfare profitability of research.



AIV coordinates the VAHNSI network. An active hospital surveillance network for the study of respiratory viruses in the Valencian Community (Spain).

VAHNSI Network (Valencia Hospital Surveillance Network for the Study of Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses).

Each season between 4 and 10 hospitals in the Valencian Community take part. All patients who are admitted with a diagnosis possibly related to a respiratory infection are given a sample. All samples are sent to a centralized laboratory in FISABIO and are analyzed using real-time RT-PCR for the detection of flu, RSV, coronavirus, rhinovirus, bocavirus, adenovirus, metapneumovirus, and parainfluenza. Due to the recent pandemic, the laboratory has incorporated the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in its PCR, and even the complete sequence of the virus genome has already been analyzed in a positive case detected in one of the hospitals (

The VAHNSI network is, in turn, involved in various European/ global platforms and projects of great magnitude dedicated to the study of respiratory viruses such as:

  • DRIVE: Proyecto IMI sobre gripe coordinado por FISABIO.
  • GIHSN: Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network, iniciado por Sanofi Pasteur en 2011.
  • RSV GEN: Red coordinada por la Universidad de Edimburgo.
  • GISAID: Plataforma para el estudio de la gripe.
  • ACCESS: Creación de una plataforma para el estudio del SARS-CoV-2.
  • COVIDRIVE: Asociación público-privada para el estudio de la efectividad de la vacuna frente a la COVID-19.

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2. Red VIVA

The VIVA Network (Instituto de Vacunas de Valencia) is a network of satellite centers formed by more than 30 health professionals and 10 Primary Care Centers.

These health professional centres have extensive experience in paediatric clinical trials and research. Together, with the Primary Care Centres, form the VIVA Network (Valencia Vaccine Institute), which actively contributes to our studies.

VIVA Network Health Centres:
Quart de Poblet
Illes Columbretes
Serreria II
Plaza Segovia
Fuente San Luís
República Argentina
Serreria II
L’ Eliana
Plaza Segovia

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3. Collaborating researchers

Furthermore, our studies have allowed us to create a network of collaborating researchers from all over Spain.

These centres are:

C. Valenciana:
CAP Just Ramirez, Valencia
CAP Burjassot 2
CAP Ruzafa, Valencia
CAP Torrente
CAP Onteniente
CAP La Cañada
Hospital General de Castellón
Hospital General de Castellón
Hospital Lluís Alcanys de Xàtiva

Centro pediátrico Medinfant, Barcelona
CAP Montclar en Barcelona
CAP Sant Pere de Ribes

CAP Ensanche de Vallecas
Hospital Gregorio Marañón

CAP El Ranero
CAP Les Garres

Instituto Hispalense Pediatria (UCI)

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The Spanish Paediatric Clinical Trials Network is a fully developed and professionalised network made up of the best national clinical trials units.

RECLIP aims to function as a national reference centre for any international or national initiative dealing with paediatric clinical trials. It ensures an appropriate environment and infrastructure for the conduct of safe and effective paediatric clinical trials.

Home - RECLIP - Spanish Pediatric Clinical Trials Network


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