Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence

We have access to one of the best-computerized health database systems, which records socio-demographic and health data of the entire population of the Valencian Community.

The potential of these databases lies in the number of variables available to us, and fundamentally, in their capacity to cross all the information between them by means of the patient's identification number.

The data provided to us are of very good quality and have allowed us to achieve wide experience in studies of effectiveness and impact of vaccines, and epidemiological studies of vaccine-preventable diseases could also serve as a basis for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence studies.

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Acronyms of the figure:
  • CMBD: Minimum Basic Data Set
  • UH (Hospital Emergency)
  • SIA (Ambulatory Information)
  • GAIA (Comprehensive Manager of Pharmaceutical Services)
  • RedMiva: Microbiological Network of the Valencian Community
  • RVN: Nominal Vaccine Registry
  • CIS: Cancer Information
  • BIMCV: VC Image Bank

The database belongs to:

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