We improve people's quality of life through the study of vaccines

Área de Investigación en Vacunas

We improve people's quality of life
through the study of vaccines

Our purpose

Estudiamos las vacunas y el impacto que tienen on society, the infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

The Vaccine Research Area also has a educational and informative vocation which translates into the organization of courses, conferences and webinars focused on updating health professionals on issues related to vaccines, informing and training the general population.


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Clinical Trials
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What do we do?

The activities that we develop are grouped in:

  • Clinical Trials: We participate in clinical trials on vaccine safety and efficacy.

  • Studies with Real World Data:They allow us to carry out high-quality population studies.
  • Prospective Studies:: We participate and coordinate
    hospital surveillance networks for the investigation of infectious diseases.

  • Ethical And Gender Aspects: We facilitate the understanding of informed consent in clinical research, promoting its participation.

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